Partners @ Venture : Investing in shipping


Partners @ Venture is a Belgian investment company established in 1997. The company is dedicated to the shipping industry since 2018.

Partners @ Venture invests (through Special Purpose Vehicles) in tankers, bulk carriers and container vessels as well as in publicly traded shipping companies.

You can view the specifications and the current location of the vessels in which Partners @ Venture has invested. (read more information about the vessels in the Portfolio section or take a look at the footer to see the actual position of the vessels)


Luc Synaeghel and Guido Declercq (President of Partners @ Venture) during the inspection of the vessel Cape Guinea in drydock. (Varna, September 2018).

Partners @ Venture is managed by the Belgian company Lunasol Polaris whose CEO, Luc Synaeghel, is a former merchant navy officer and an experienced private equity investor.

Luc Synaeghel currently also serves as advisor to a Swiss private bank and manager/advisor to the boards of several private equity companies.



Luc Synaeghel

Cedric Duinslaeger
Portfolio Manager

Simon Synaeghel

Leen Ghesquière
Office Manager